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Friday, June 3, 2011

ReAmping Drums

So I'm attending Nimbus which is also The Harvard of Recording Schools. And one thing that blows my mind that gets done a lot is using sound to re trigger drums. 
Well I've included what I can best describe as a Re Amp'd Snare Drum

I know you're thinking "What Am I Looking At?" This is probably more confusing so allow me to explain what is going on.

In the control room a pre-recorded snare track is being played and the recorded snare doesn't sound that good. So it is patched so the track is being sent to the Studio or Live Room. In the Live Room the signal is being played out this speaker which is being played very loud. Then speaker is then placed face down with the center of the speaker to the center of the snare. The speaker is suspended off of the snare head with the drum sticks. And everything is taped into place. Now the snare track is playing a new snare drum and everything is mic'd a recaptured.
This isn't the first time we did this. But it is the first time we did it with something pre recorded.
We've been in school and decided that our kick drum wasn't boomy enough so we put a kick drum in front of a kick drum in front of the kick drum being played. And we Mic'd the last Kick and it was amazingly low and boomy.


  1. Guess I'm too picky . but I like when the music is real, not canned. takes a bit more talent to do it all "live" and record it, rather then record a SINGLE snare drum hit and use that over and over....

  2. I'm a Live guy myself. I run FoH almost every weekend so I appreciate the talent and skill of a real artist as well. And I cringe at the over polished "stars" we've made today the last thing this world needs is another Justin Bieber or Rebbecca Black.
    However this isn't sampling. This is overdubbing. Play the entire track and you can keep the dynamic performance of the drummer.
    How many times do you have a perfect take but the sound of the instrument isn't that great? This is why we Re-Amp with Guitars and Bass. Now do it for Drums. Ply the entire track, don't sample anything.